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The Rockhopper of Percuel videos are divided into monthly 'episodes' covering an aspect of the year following the Rockhopper and also 60 to 120 second video 'shorts', which are some of the highlights of the daily life of a Dunbar fisherman.


EPISODE 1 - MARCH 2018: A series of videos following The Rockhopper of Percuel and skipper Barry Brunton in 2018. Part One is a typical day out in the North Sea, starting at 5:30am, fishing for prawns out of Dunbar off of Scotland's South East Coast. Here Barry describes a typical day and we watch him put out and get the net back in to land the first catch of the day. The day had to be cut short after the sea state changed and Barry decided to call it a day after the first tow as the seas got very choppy.

EPISODE 2 - April 2018: In the second full episode Skipper Barry Brunton explains the various controls in the wheelhouse of the Rockhopper of Percuel, including the engine throttles and dials, the GPS and chart plotter and the radios.

EPISODE 3 - MAY 2018: The Rockhopper of Percuel was launched in November 1975 and spent the early part of her life down in Cornwall before being sold to a fishing family in South Uist. In Part Three of the Rockhopper of Percuel story, Skipper Barry Brunton gives us a quick overview of the life of the Rockhopper before she was bought by the Brunton family and the turn of the Millennium.

EPISODE 4 - JUNE 2018: The Rockhopper has been stuck in harbour for a few weeks after a couple of small jobs turned into major repairs when skipper Barry Brunton found more problems than he had counted on. In this video Barry explains what has been going on for the past month, which is all part and parcel of owning a 43-year-old fishing boat.

EPISODE 5 - NOVEMBER 2018: After a summer of long repairs and no fishing, Skipper Barry Brunton took the hard decision to downsize to a smaller boat and sell the Rockhopper of Percuel. This is the last Rockhopper of Percuel video but we will be back in Spring 2019 to follow Barry and the new boat.


Introducing the Rockhopper of Percuel.

A spell of nice weather has enabled Skipper Barry Brunton the opportunity to get onboard the Rockhopper to carry out some repairs after the recent stormy weather. The wood under the bow plate was repaired and Barry refitted the cleaned up steel plate. He also had to carry out some repairs to the shelter when the recent storms forced the Rockhopper onto the harbour wall when a fender blew out. A bit of fibreglass and some hard work and the damage was repaired. The Rockhopper is now ready to go to sea at the next opportunity, which should be the end of this week.
The Rockhopper is heading out to sea for a trip down to Eyemouth for some maintenance before the summer fishing season gets into full swing. This is a short 60 second video of the Rockhopper leaving Dunbar Harbour on a beautiful spring morning at 07h00 #rockhopperofpercuel
The Rockhopper is in Eyemouth for some work at Eyemouth Marine Limited. This is a time-lapse video of the Rockhopper being winched out of the water to allow the engineering team to fit a new stainless steel keel band to replace the original 42 year old part. The Rockhopper should be back in Dunbar early next week. #rockhopperofpercuel
After spending two days at Eyemouth Marine Limited in Eyemouth having a new stainless steel keel band fitted, the Rockhopper of Percuel goes back into the water and heads home to Dunbar. #rockhopper of percuel #lh138

Skipper Barry Brunton took the Rockhopper from her berth in Victoria Harbour round to Cromwell Harbour to start preparations for the boats new paint job. #rockhopperofpercuel #LH138

A timelapse video showing Rockhopper Skipper Barry Brunton putting the creels out in the North Sea off Dunbar. #LH138 #Rockhopperofpercuel

Skipper Barry Brunton has been preparing the Rockhopper for her new coat of paint. The work is ongoing and the Rockhopper will be revealed in her new 'frock' very soon.

After weeks of painting and refurbishment Barry Brunton takes the Rockhopper to sea past Dunbar Castle.

The refurbishment of the Rockhopper of Percuel is now complete and Barry Brunton took her for a spin around the rocks outside of Dunbar Harbour to show off her new paint job which is complete with the Rockhopper of Percuel shields on each side of the weather deck.